Motor Sonic R'n'R

I love Italian rock and roll. It's always passionate and slightly crazy, even when it's not trying to be, and they always throw in at least one Ratt riff, even the punk bands. Actually, Bad Dog Boogie come screaming out of the gate riding on a KISS lick ("Detroit Rock City" drives opener "Inner Voice"), but that's close enough. "Motorsonic" contains 4 liquor-loaded originals that span the belt buckle gamut from redneck n' roll cock rockers like "Loaded Guns and Nasty Habits" to Swede-speed chug fests like the road ripper "Highway of Soul", and they exit stage left like so many of us do, with an over-amped cover of "Kick Out the Jams". Devil Rod (for that is his name) has a classic sleaze metal throat, and the cat musta been studying old chuck Berry videos or something, 'cuz the usually heavy Italo-accent is nowhere to be found. He could order complicated drinks and not have to repeat himself, as long as he was singing. Rod and the Bad Dogs are a fine new addition to the Euro-crotch rawk scene. Let the strutters strut, I say.