Motor Sonic R'n'R
Promo 2002

Good promo cd from this fuckin'italian rock'roll band, BAD DOG BOOGIE!As i said in other reviews the italian rock'n roll scene, with the "so celebrated" Scaninavian, is probably the best in europe right now.
Bands like Thee STP, Jollypower, Bad Dog Boogie, The Nerds, The Not Right etc..are the big
deal. Most people think that the only european rock'n rollers are from Sweden or Norway... that's fuckin'wrong. Here in Italy there are bands even better that the Scandinavian. Bad dog Boogie are a bunch of cool guys that beat the shit! They kick your ass with their motorsonic r'n'r until
you'll be exausted!! They are close to bands of the past/present history of rocka rolla like MC5, Hellacopters, Stooges, TRBNGR, Gluecifer etc..
The songs are all very good, personally i like"Inner voice" and "Cum Gets in yr.brain" (what a killer title!!)... two songs that make you shake your ass!!
Also the production is very sounds, very raw and clear at the same time. Surely we'll wait anxiously the first full lenght from these killer guys! C'mon people,visit their web site and buy the cd... you'll get some satisfaction... you can trust me.