DAREDEVIL - MAY 2004 - www.daredevil.de

Electric Frankenstein/Bad Dog Boogie-Doktor Frankendragster Split CD

Nicotine Records

Electric Frankenstein are back and they´re still the masters of Punk´n´Roll...the last release I heard of them was on back in their Man´s Ruin days and I loved their mixture out of good old American Rock´n´Roll, Punk and a little bit of Hard-Rock...I thing that mixture is really refreshing and makes you stand up and dance around. The four new songs are really cool and recorded really good...as usual...fans of Nashville Pussy will love this stuff for sure...all other Rock´n´Roll folks out there will defnetly dig this stuff too. Wow, Bad Dog Boogie raising hell again...I like their sound pretty much, cause it´s a bit Garage like with a big portion of Rock´n´Roll and the voice is whiskeysoaked...wow...I think fans of The Peepshows and U.S. Bombs will love that stuff. All in all a really cool release with enough Punk to drive your mother crazy.