A double wallop of continent hopping supersleaze here as Jersey Motormonsters Electric Frankenstein team up with Eye-talian speedfreaks Bad Dog Boogie for 8 quick laps around the track. Up first cuz, let’s face it, they’re grand-daddies at this point, EF smash n’ thrash through three metal-riffin’ Dead Boys-on-wheels cock n’ rollers, including the throb-along boogie-rock of “Dead On Beauty” and the scorching “Make No Mistake”. As an added bonus, EF toss in a bitchin’ cover of Girlschool’s “Not For Sale”. Of course, it sounds more like AC/DC than GS, but it’s a fun cover nonetheless. Italian sleaze merchants Bad Dog Boogie lean a little heavier on the ‘redneck motherfucker’ pedal, as they bash out a trio of metallic devil-rawk originals, including the awesomely titled “Mike Tyson (King of Rock n Roll)” and the heads-down, denim-demon riff-riot of “13th Floor Generation”. They end on a cover, too, this one a manic run-through of “Judy is a Punk”. BDB haven’t quite mastered the easy rattlesnake charm of EF yet, but you can pretty much bet that they& die trying. Brief but riotous, “Dr Frankendragster” is solid one-two punch. Get it if ya like things that and roar breathe fire."