Nicotine Records - 2003

Italian Cock n' Roll vets Bad Dog Boogie explode into space with ten blistering tracks of sweatin', spittin', strutting motorpunk that's equal parts thunder, mud, blood, and glitter, all wrapped up in shiny chrome and used leather. It ain't easy sounding like KISS and Motorhead at the same time, but BDB manages it more than once here, and that's not their only cunning stunt. Rolling around the edges of all this bad-ass rifferama is some seriously tasty southern rock guitar, and their propensity for the big, catchy pop hook, even in the middle of a full on Super Rock assault, is impressive. Devil Rod's vocals are all whiskey-gruff and ready for anything, and even though his phony baloney Yank accent ain't fooling anybody, he sounds suitably bleary-eyed and evil here, and anyway, I think "Cum Gets in Your Brain" sounds the same in any language. Man, these cats might as well just get 'Rock and Roll" tattooed right on their goddamn foreheads, because there's no doubting their allegiance to the stuff. "(Call Me) the Bishop" is my new theme song, "Filthy Place" is about exactly what you think it is, and it sounds just as dirty, and their cover of "Paint it Black" is a monster. I knew these motorfuckers had it in 'em. Blazing.