Nicotine Records - 2003

After their welcome promo "Motorsonic r n'r"(see our review) Bad Dog Boogie are back with this full lenght on Nicotine Records. With mighty Thee STP, rock n' roll killers Peawees, Jolly Power and many others, they rapresent the Italian hard rock n' roll scene at its best. This album has a title that tells everything, Bad Dog Boogie are pure gasoline-fueled rock action. Their songs are rough, fast and loud, with wild lyrics and groovy guitar solos. Their influence comes from the old masters of the genre (MC5 first) and from all the garage punk/hard rock n' roll revival bands like Hellacopters (especially the first records of the Swedish rockers). My favourite tracks are "(Call me) the Bishop", "Highway of soul" and "Loaded guns and nasty habits" (the last one was included also in the promo). Bad Dog Boogie added also two classic covers like "Paint it black" (in a very wild and raw version) and "Kick out the jams" that gives an extra reason to check this record out.

El Nino